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Budget Heating and Air Conditioning sells and stocks a full line of NEW SEER2 Rheem Heat Pump and Straight Cool Condensers.

A sampling of our product line is shown below! Much more is available, please call for a quote today!
Please call for a quote 1-813-885-7999

  • Rheem 14 SEER2 Heat Pumps and Straight Cool Condensers
    • RP14AZ18, RP14AZ24, RP14AZ0, RP14AZ36, RP14AZ42, RP14AZ48, RP14AZ60
    • RA14AZ18, RA14AZ24, RA14AZ30, RA14AZ36, RA14AZ42, RA14AZ48, RA14AZ60
  • Rheem 15/16 SEER2 Heat Pumps and Straight Cool
    • RP16AZ24, RP16AZ36, RP16AZ48, RP16AZ60
    • RA15AZ24, RA15AZ36, RA15AZ48, RA15AZ60
    • RA16AZ18, RA16AZ24, RA16AZ30, RA16AZ36, RA16AZ42, RA16AZ48, RA16AZ60
  • Rheem 18 SEER2 Heat Pumps and Straight Cool
    • RP18AZ24, RP18AZ36, RP18AZ48, RP18AZ60
    • RA18AZ24, RA18AZ36, RA18AZ48, RA18AZ60