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Budget Heating and Air Conditioning sells and stocks a full line of Rheem Air Handlers with 3 speed PSC, Variable Speed, X13, and ECM fan motors. A sampling of our product line is shown below! Much more is available, please call for a quote today!
Please call for a quote 1-813-885-7999
  • Rheem Air Handler Variable Speed, 3 Speed, X13 Motor, and PSC 3 speed
    • RH1P1817, RH1P2417, RH1P3017, RH1P3617, RH1P4221, RH1P4821
    • RH1T2417, RH1T3617, RH1T3621, RH1T4821, RH1T4824, RH1T6024
    • RH2T2417, RH2T3617, RH2T3621, RH2T4821, RH2T6021, RH2T6024
    • RH1V2417, RH1V3617, RH1V3621, RH1V4821, RH1V6024
    • RH2V2421, RH2V3621, RH2V4821, RH2V6024