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Did you receive an email, phone or text message alert to confirm a transaction? Did your transaction get declined by NoFraud? Here's what you need to know:

Who is NoFraud?
  • NoFraud is a fraud prevention solution for eCommerce businesses that Budget Heating has partnered with. They screen transactions on behalf of businesses and alert them if they find a transaction is at high risk for fraud. This protects consumers against unauthorized credit card use and protects businesses against fraud chargebacks.

Is NoFraud Safe?
  • Yes, NoFraud uses the latest security technologies to protect your personal and financial information. NoFraud is also a trusted partner of Budget Heating and has been thoroughly vetted.

Why am I getting an email/call/text message from NoFraud to confirm a transaction?
  • You received an alert email/call/text from NoFraud because your transaction showed signs of irregular shopping characteristics and/or elevated risk. NoFraud and Budget Heating want to confirm the transaction was made by the authorized cardholder.

After I confirm the transaction, do I need to do anything else?
  • After you confirm the transaction there is nothing else you need to do unless you have been asked by a fraud analyst to provide additional information.

Will NoFraud ever ask me for my personal information?
  • You may be asked for information that can identify you as the card holder. HOWEVER NoFraud will never ask you for your full credit card number, social security number or any other personal information.

Will my order be delayed?
  • If your order is moved to review by a NoFraud analyst Budget Heating will continue to process your order during the review period. HOWEVER we will not release your order for shipment or pickup until NoFraud validates the order which requires a response by you to the alert email/call or text message. In most cases, as soon as your response is received, your order will be released for processing.

What if my order is denied after review or I fail to respond to NoFraud?
  • In rare instances (or due to no response on your end to verification alerts) the transaction will be denied. In this scenario, Budget Heating will refund your credit card and request alternate payment method to proceed with your order

I did not make the transaction and neither did anyone that has access to my credit card/payment account. What do I do now?
  • After confirming that the transaction was truly unauthorized, we recommend that you contact your credit card company/payment account and inform them that your card has been compromised. Review the latest transactions on your account to ensure there is no other fraudulent activity to report. Your financial institution will likely put a hold on all future purchases from the compromised card/account and issue a new one for future use.

What are my rights as a customer being reviewed by NoFraud?
  • As a customer being reviewed by NoFraud, you have the right to know why your transaction was flagged as fraudulent and you have the right to appeal the decision. You also have the right to provide NoFraud with documentation to verify your identity or not to provide the information*. *Failure to provide this information will result in a refund back to your credit card and alternate payment requested by Budget Heating.

How can I find out more about NoFraud?