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Budget Heating and Air Conditioning sells and stocks a full line of Rheem straight cool, gas, and heat pump equipment and supplies. We sell split systems ranging from 14 seer to 20 seer. Rheem air handlers matched with your outdoor condenser unit are available in variable speed, psc, and x 13 blower motors. A sampling of our split system product line is shown below! Much more is available, please call for a quote!
Please call for a quote 1-813-885-7999
  • Rheem 14 Seer Heat Pumps and Straight Cool Condensers
    • RP1418, RP1424, RP1430, RP1436, RP1442, RP1448, RP1460
    • RA1418, RA1424, RA1430, RA1436, RA1442, RA1448, RA1460
  • Rheem 15/16 Seer Heat Pumps and Straight Cool
    • RP1518, RP1524, RP1530, RP1536, RP1542, RP1548, RP1560
    • RP1624, RP1636, RP1648, RP1660
    • RA1618, RA1624, RA1630, RA1636, RA1642, RA1648, RA1660
  • Rheem 17/20 Seer Heat Pumps and Straight Cool
    • RP1724, RP1736, RP1748, RP1760
    • RA1724, RA1736, RA1748, RA1760
    • RP2024, RP2036, RP2048, RP2060
    • RA2024, RA2036, RA2048, RA2060
  • Rheem Air Handler Variable Speed, 3 Speed, X13 Motor, and PSC 3 speed
    • RH1P1817, RH1P2417, RH1P3017, RH1P3617, RH1P4221, RH1P4821
    • RH1T2417, RH1T3617, RH1T3621, RH1T4821, RH1T4824, RH1T6024
    • RH2T2417, RH2T3617, RH2T3621, RH2T4821, RH2T6021, RH2T6024
    • RH1V2417, RH1V3617, RH1V3621, RH1V4821, RH1V6024
    • RH2V2421, RH2V3621, RH2V4821, RH2V6024
  • Rheem Gas Furnace
    • R801SA050314, R801SA075417, R801SA100521, R801SA125524,
    • R801TA050314, R801TA075417, R801TA075421, R801TA100521, R801TA125524
  • Rheem Cased Coils
    • RCF2414, RCF2417, RCF3617, RCF3621, RCF4821, RCF4824, RCF6024
  • Full line of Rheem Commercial Package and split systems
    • 3 phase
    • 460v
    • 208-230v
    • gas/electric