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I recieved my order today 2-13-13 and everything checked out, no damage . Thanks again for the great price on my heating and cooling units,I'll spread the word to my friends in south Alabama.
John W


I wanted to make sure I followed up with you on the completion of my recent order. We were at first hesitant ordering such a large item on the internet and having it shipped to Texas, but the whole process was flawless. You provided excellent service, an excellent payment procedure and an excellent product.

Thank you so much,

Reba Bilderback

Gordonville, Texas
I bought this unit to replace an old Coleman downflow unit in a doublewide moble home. I was suprised at how smoothly the transition took place. Other than having to make the closet space larger to accomidate the DiamondAir, there were absolutely no problems. Also I received the unit two days after it shipped. Thanks Budget!

To the fine people at Budget Heating & Air,
Just want to drop you a short note to let you know that the operation
went as smooth as can be, we received our Goodman 3.5 ton split system
from you guys on Thursday 16th of this month, and by the end of day on
Friday the 17th, the guys had it all installed and was very impressed
by the quality and workmanship of the unit, as you might guess they're
used to installing and working on Trane, which I might ad I replaced
for a Goodman, this unit was about a third quieter than the Trane and
not to mention it came in at a fraction of the coast of a Trane, I
simply refuse to pay 8 grand for a compatible Trane unit.

Our neighbors are all now thinking of going through the same excise I
did when come time to replace their air conditioners.
So once again, thanks so much for all your help.


First off, I wanted to thank you for allowing me to pick up my unit the day after I purchased it. I failed to confirm with you that I would be there the next afternoon but you still were able to get the unit from your other warehouse and have it ready for me when I got there. That is great service. Since I live in the Orlando area, I have recommended your company to several friends. The unit I won works perfectly. I was able to remove the old unit and install both the inside and outside unit myself. I had a licensed A/C guy do the final hook ups (cost of $125.00). Saved myself over 1/2 price!
Thanks! Ken Vanderpool

After much research and browsing on the Internet I was able to locate a heatpump to replace an old York system that had gone bad. I called a local business to replace a York 3 ton unit that was about 15 years old.

When the compressor froze up after having it serviced by a local A/C firm about two years ago, I decided this Summer to replace it. I called a local A/C installer and was quoted a charge of $3200 for replacing the 3ton York with a 3ton Goodman. This was just for the outside unit, not including the air handler. After recovering from shock, I contacted your firm. When I calculated out for the new unit, it appeared I should have a 4 ton unit. In addition to this, I updated the air handler to a 5 ton which gave me the variable speed fan and replaced the 15 year old York I had.

Long story short.....

I followd the directions to install the new unit, paying close attention to the wiring diagram.
Since I had never installed a heat pump before, I wanted to make sure there were no mistakes. After it was installed, I called an A/C tech to have the line set welded and to evacuate the system to check for leaks. When this was complete and the valves opened to charge the system (the system was precharged) it was ready to go. The A/C tech spent 3 hours running checking on everything and changed NOTHING. It ran perfect right out of the box. I now have a new heatpump two sizes bigger and the indoor unit 3 sizes bigger (3 - 3.5 - 4 -5) for about 1/2 the price of just the outdoor unit.

Thanks again for such a well built unit and I look forword to many years of comfort

I am happy a happy customer. The heat pump that I purchased from delivery through installation went well. A problem arose when the technician that I hired to do the refrigeration and electric hook ups did the electric hookup to an older type unit and the way that the unit acted left him useless. I had to redo the wiring myself... with the assistance of your very helpful technical staff. It took around five calls to get things understood, and all the time I was treated promptly and courteously.
Thank you
Henry Bannen

Hello, I purchased PHK036-1 HP (REPO UNIT) from your company to replace a 30+-year-old Lear Seigler 3 ton A/C unit. The size of the Goodman is larger, however the installation was a snap. The shipment was on time, the dispatcher called the day the order shipped to verify the address, gave me the delivery date and time. She said the driver would be here between 1:00 and 3:00 pm, at 2:15 he was here with the delivery, I was very impressed.

Both the Goodman PHK036-1 and Robertshaw 9620 thermostat were installed tested and operational by 7:00. Very impressed! Whenever I need HVAC equipment, Budget Heating and Air Conditioning is where I will shop first! I was impressed with the 2 follow up telephone calls almost immediately after my Internet order, something I was not expecting, although they were welcome.

Please feel free to pass this on to other customers. Budget Heating and Air Conditioning has Great prices, Great product line, Great service, and Fantastic follow up.

Thank you,

Gil Abrams

I was happy to receive our new heat pump which we ordered from you folks. It arrived in good shape and only a short time after being shipped. We are very pleased and would be pleased to recommend you to anyone who is looking for a heating or cooling system. Thanks for everything.

I want to Thank All of You who assisted with my order.
A very Helpful and Professional group you have.
I installed my system and it is doing GREAT......we can tell the quality of improvement already....and energy savings also !
Herb Taylor
Corpus Christi,Texas

My recent purchase of a Goodman furnace was well worth the time and money.
It was a huge savings and help that I have quite a bit of experience in
plumbing and heating. I did the install to replace a dinosaur. It was a 20
year old Century and i installed it also. It was only used 1 year and was
in great shape when I put it in, but it became outdated and it was time to
change it. I bought a scratch and dent special both to save money, as i'm
on a fixed income, and I figured it couldn't be anything I couldn't repair,
with my history of steel fabrication and hvac. I feel I got a very nice
deal. The purchase was very smooth and it is in and running very nicely. The
old furnace was 55 1/2" tall so an adapter had to be fabricated to the old
plenum. It went smoothly, as I thought it would. Now comes the hard part. I
got that huge furnace down there a few years ago and now I have to figure
out how to get it back out. Quite a chore, considering it weighs in at 500
lbs. Thanks for a great store!!! I was thrilled to find it after many hours
of searching for a decent affordable price. I think that I saved around
$3000, since any other outlet around here would only sell to you if they put
it in.
And to top it off they would have wanted to sell me one that would be too
big and all the vent pipes and every imaginable thing they could think of.
WHEW!!! So you see why I was so happy to find you. Thanks again for the
wonderful job.
Ed MayBee


I just wanted to let you know that the unit works great and to thank you
for the time you took with me when I picked it up and for your prompt
responses to the questions I had. I really appreciate it. If I ever need anything else I will be
sure to give you the business.
Thanks again, Robbie.

I just wanted to leave another one, saying that your Goodman 5Ton 14 SEER unit I purchased in May has cut my power bill in half, from about $300 to $150, in the middle of the summer! My old unit was old! Anyway, thanks again, and I love it!!! It will pay for itself within a couple of years!
Shipment arrived at 2:15 PM today. All is well, perfect condition.
Surprisingly fast service. Very nice delivery person.
It is always a pleasure to work with your company.
I shall refer your firm to everyone I know who can benefit from your services and
Lance Lankford.
We ordered a Goodman 3 ton heatpump unit from you and we couldn't be more pleased.
Had a little trouble with the terminals on the Thermostat being a little different then
in the book, but after a couple emails to you we got that confusion straightened out.
All in all, price was great, service was first class, and the unit was well protected and
arrived in good condition. Installation went smoothly and the unit is working perfectly.
I would recommend you to anyone.
Thanks again.
John E. Moorshead
Plant Manager


In 2007 we purchased a complete 3.5 Goodman ac, heating system and complete duct system for our retirement home in North Carolina. We are grateful especially to Scott for his system design and immediate availability by phone as my wife and I installed the system. To date the system runs great and the energy savings are phenomenal. Best of all was the cost. I had a local quote of 13,568.00 for the entire job. My cost to do it myself was about 4,000.00. Everything arrived at the jobsite in excellent condition and not one part of the package was missing. I have recommended Budget AC to several friends and would buy from them in the future without hesitation.
Thank you

I just thought I would let you know this heat pump worked quite well in the summer and you will not believe that it's 20 degrees up here and this heat pump heats my house without any back up on. because I haven't wired the electric back up yet. hows that for a good advertisement. And I know what you are thinking, it's NOT over sized. thank you

Dear Sir,

Just completed the installation of 3.5 ton Goodman heat pump and air handler and had a local HVAC contractor finish out the line set connections, evacuation, and 410A charging. No issues no problems all is well with the world.

The installation was straight forward for the air handler since it was a replacement on a 10 year Goodman unit. The condenser and wiring again was straight forward installation. The 410A Goodman 14/15 SEER unit is so much quieter than the SEER 10 R22 unit it replaced.

Your web site is OK my order person was super helpful in leading me through the process of ordering and making certain that I had the proper supplies for installation.



It was a pleasure meeting with you.As I explained the Diamond
Air units we purchased has everyone (our installers) surprised by the
excellent quality they have. It seems you have taken the best of all the
units on the market and put it in one great product! We have decided to make
this installer friendly product the only one we will be selling to our

William Corbett Pres.
Express Field Reps Inc.
Dear Budget heating and air,
Just wanted to say what a big fan I am of your company. Over the past 4 years I've bought several heat pump units and installation parts from you and have been very pleased with the service and the materials received.
Port Orchard, WA
I purchased a Goodman 4 ton heat pump system from Budget over a year ago to
replace a very old mismatched system. They helped me from beginning to end
including the design of an all new duct system. The saleman was always
available to me and even sat with me on several occasions during the design
process and installation. Budget's customer service is the best, bar none.
When I recently had a circuit control board problem, I had the replacement
part in my hand less than 24 hours after ordering it online through their
warranty department. They are not just about selling you a unit - they are
there when you need a warranty replacement part as well. I will definitely
buy from them again!

Hal in Tampa, FL

I wanted to say that I was somewhat skeptical about purchasing an item on-line for this price, but the you really do a great job, everything went great.
Shelby Adams

Just wanted to say thanks for your great service. the evaperator works great and fit perfect. no more leaks!!. everyone down there are really great people and your assistance and really quick service is considered to be way above and is much appreciated. i will highly recommend budget air to alll my friends. have a great day mike retz.

Just unloaded off the truck and everything arrived in excellent condition, thank you very much. It has been a pleasure doing business with your company and Fred, the sales person was very professional and helpful. Once again, thanks.

N.J. Roberts, Mandeville, LA _
Wow, what a product. I love my new Rheem AC and heat pump. I called  
you on the phone before I ordered just to see how easy it would be to  
get a person, in case I had a  problems. I also look at the write ups  
and the Better Business Burial . You checked out good so I took the  
big step and ordered. In a reasonable time my unit arrived in good  
shape. I was missing the thermostat but a phone call and an E-Mail  
later and the missing part arrived.
Thanks for the way you run your business. I recommend you to anyone  
who wants to save some money and get a good product.
Bob - East Texas
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2011 14:53:17 -0400

My order with your company arrived as scheduled today. The order was perfectly wrapped and on skids. It arrived in perfect condition and the trucking company was very helpful in getting it off loaded and up to my house. I have unpacked the order and all material was shipped as ordered, complete. I am very pleased with all aspects of my working with you and your organization. You are indeed professionals.

Thank you.

James K
Savannah, GA


Just wanted to let you know how very happy we are with our new Goodman Gas Package Unit. We first bought a 4 Ton unit model GPG154841AB but upon installation it was found to be damaged. You really stood by your word and exchanged it for an upgraded model GPG154941AA at no added cost, which is performing perfectly. We purchased basically everything such as ductwork, return grill etc. from you when doing this as we did a complete duct change on our house. The unit holds the temperature within 1 degree of the setpoint and is quieter than ever expected. Your company is tops and highly suggest you to anyone who plans to do a install on their own to purchase from you.

Thank you,

Mark Purdy

Gretna, VA